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Well - guess what - after all my husband's (another PT nut) convincing, I became a PT owner in March '06. This was the best advice he ever gave me - "I love my PT". I am also a Betty Boop nut - so guess what? It was my chance to enhance "my car" with, you guessed it - "Betty Boop" and loving ever minute of it with more to come!!!

To all my PT friends - "Keep Cruisin"!!!!!


Sharon - 2005 Two Tone Grey

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Hi PT Cruisers...... I would like to introduce myself. My name is LIL PT OH.

I am a member of the River City PT Cruiser Car Club. My owners name is Red Cruiser Girl. Her favorite colour is red (like me). I was born in 2004.

She takes very good care of me. I love bubble baths and being rubbed with a soft cloth till I shine. I take her to many car shows with me. Red Cruiser Girl may not say too much but other people sure do.... she just smiles and says "thanks" (as if she's getting the compliment). I take her shopping and wait patiently till she comes back. She often buys me a treat. She says the 'Mod Bug' bit her and is always attacking her wallet. She loves chrome BLING-BLING for me so I stand out in a crowd. She says I have an attitude and refuse to blend in. I have lots of beautiful PT friends, that meet me at the car shows. There are some awesome head turners in the club that I've overheard are called 'After Market Eye Candy'.

We are truly unique when we get personalized treatments. There is a hidden 'Mod Bug' in every one of us PT's and when it "BITES", I just chuckle (aoogahh) because there's no turning back. Keep on Cruisin'......LIL PT OH

ps..... You won't believe this...besides pampering me, Red Cruiser Girl collects red die cast PT Cruisers of all sizes.

Gloria 2004 Inferno Red

  • Chrome Gear Shift Knob
  • Chrome Grill Overlay
  • Chrome Fuel Door
  • Chrome Door Lock Pulls
  • Chrome Valve Stem Caps
  • Chrome Antenna Bezel
  • Chrome Spears
  • Chrome Bumper Inserts (front & rear)
  • Chrome License Plate Holder
  • Chrome Window Pillars
  • Chrome Door Handle Guards
  • Chrome Rear Bumper Pillows
  • Chrome Sun Visor
  • Chrome Port Holes
  • Chrome Belt Line


  • Steering Wheel Cover
  • Sunvisor Badges
  • Mud Flaps
  • Aoooogah Horn
  • Fuzzy Dice
  • Cargo Net
  • LED Tail Lights
  • K & N Air Filter
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Cargo Tray
  • Dingle Balls
  • Rear Bumper Step Pad
  • Custom Tail Pipe
  • Personalized License Plate - "LILPTOH"
  • 20" chrome rims with low profile tires
  • Eye lashes
  • Chrome Spears
  • Chrome bumper inserts (front & rear)
  • Chrome Grill Overlay
  • Chrome Washer Covers
  • Chrome dash vent knobs
  • Chrome Antenna Bezel
  • Chrome Door Pillar Posts
  • Chrome Dash Rings
  • Chrome Smoothies with Baby Moon Hubcaps
  • Chrome A/C knobs
  • Chrome door & trunk cups
  • '47 Chevy Hood Ornament
  • Back Up Light Trim
  • Headline & tailight trim
  • Top of Car Painted Metallic Grey
  • Red belt line
  • Antenna Ball Head Wobbler Fuzzy dice
  • Sun Visor
  • Betty Boop car seat covers
  • Betty Boop Decal on Trunk
  • Betty Boop mats
  • "BT BOOP" License plate
  • Betty Boop & Checker Decaling done by my son Rick


  • Chrome Package including Grill, Spares, Fuel door, Bumper Inserts, and Chrome Trim
  • Personalized plate RPTQT42 (Our PT Cutie for Two)
  • Chrome 40's look.
  • Chrome bumper pillow insert
  • Chrome door sills
  • Chrome antenna bezel
  • Chrome ring for front lights
  • Bene-Vento chrome dash kit
  • Chrome billet air vent control knobs
  • Chrome dash "eyebrow" visors for air vents
  • Chrome lighted vent knobs
  • Rear oval window cover
  • Belt line kit & 40's fender kit (home made)
  • Fender Skirts
  • E&G hood goddess with centre chrome molding
  • E&G classic 5th wheel conty kit
  • Tear drop rear lights
  • TYC back up lights with white blue lights
  • Painted pillar post trim
  • Painted mirror caps
  • Sun visor
  • Arooga horn
  • Air Raid intake filter
  • Mopar Cruiser bra with Logo
  • Bullet holes
  • Fuzzy dice


Dave - 2003 Patriot Blue Limited Edition

Blaine & Charlotte - 2005 Inferno Red GT Turbo HO, AutoStick

  • Chrome beltline
  • Chrome door spears
  • Chrome shorty 11" ant. with chrome bezel
  • Chrome hood vents
  • Chrome steering wheel spokes
  • Chrome eyelid bezel for speedometer
  • Chrome knobs for climate controls
  • Factory rear spoiler


  • Headlite bezels
  • New tail lites
  • 18" rims 225x35x18 Nokian tires
  • Painted side mirrors to match body color
  • Personalized license plate (RAGTIME)
  • Wood grained dash
  • Factory GPS and integrated stereo with factory Pioneer Sound system


Ray & Vicki - 2004 Inferno Red GT Turbo HO, AutoStick

  • Black dash mat
  • PT Cruiser logo flames
  • Custom license plate frame
  • Air Raid cold air intake system
  • Marrete Custom tail lights (France)
  • Rear Rollpan (PTeazer)


  • Viper front clip (Trick Cruiser)
  • Chrome package (Wheels, door spears, fuel door cover)
  • Double "D" rear window (40's Split Window)
  • Custom side exhaust by Advance Exhaust Systems


George - 2010 Black

  • Rear rollpan from PTeazers
  • Rear "double D" window cover
  • Chrome door spears
  • Chrome exhaust tip
  • Eibach lowering springs
  • Blue interior lights
  • Carbon fiber trim
  • ODaddyO Sleek Front, first in Canada


Jon - 2003 Cranberry GT Turbo HO, Auto Stick

  • Good Hood w/ Airaid intake
  • Painted Vizor, mirrors, pillars & tail lights
  • PTeazer roll pan
  • Chrome 16x7 smoothies
  • Stage 1 upgrade
  • BTG dual exhaust
  • Freedom Design brace
  • Weitec rear lowering springs
  • Mopar stage 1 sway bars


Tammy Lynne - 2006 2 Tone Paint, 5 Speed

Barb & Bob - 2006 Vanilla Convertible

Ron - 2006 White Convertible

Al - 2004 White

Cathy & John - 2005 Silver Convertible

Sharron & Bob - 2005 Linen Gold

Donnie - 2003 Blue GT Turbo

Founding Members

Bridget & Brian - 2007 Cool Vanilla Convertible

What more can I say about my Bright Silver Metallic Touring Edition equipped with Customer Preferred Package 27F and Luxury Touring Group that hasn't been said? Well, unlike most PT Cruiser fanatics I waited about a total of 15 minutes for my order & delivery and it was exactly what I wanted or rather what I didn't want in my PT Cruiser. No sunroof, no luggage racks, no poor excuse for leather seats, no 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS, no traction control, and no automatic transmission. Although one would think the term "Limited Edition" would be reserved for a uniquely optioned vehicle that is restricted in quantity, it appears that my lavishly equipped 5 Speed Touring Edition is more of an uncommon PT Cruiser to come by than its mass produced sister that bears the Limited Edition name.

The Power the PT should have been released with...


  • PTeaser Front End & Grill
  • Panel Cruiser Window Covers
  • Painted Mirrors
  • Chrome Fuel Door
  • Chrome Spears
  • Chrome Windshield Washers
  • Chrome Antenna Base
  • Chrome Rear Tail Light Rings
  • Chrome Cover Lift Gate Shocks - Rear
  • Chrome Door Handler Protectors
  • Rear Door Handles Shaved


  • Interior Wood Grain package
  • Rear wood flooring
  • Chrome Heater Controls
  • Stage 1 Kit
  • Polished Intake
  • Powder Coated Valve Cover
  • Chrome Battery Cover
  • Chrome Cover Lift Shocks - Front
  • AirRaid Intake


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