Vincent Proteau, aka VinMan
2001 Silver PT


What more can I say about my Bright Silver Metallic Touring Edition equipped with Customer Preferred Package 27F and Luxury Touring Group that hasn't been said? Well, unlike most PT Cruiser fanatics I waited about a total of 15 minutes for my order & delivery and it was exactly what I wanted or rather what I didn't want in my PT Cruiser. No sunroof, no luggage racks, no poor excuse for leather seats, no 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS, no traction control, and no automatic transmission. Although one would think the term "Limited Edition" would be reserved for a uniquely optioned vehicle that is restricted in quantity, it appears that my lavishly equipped 5 Speed Touring Edition is more of an uncommon PT Cruiser to come by than its mass produced sister that bears the Limited Edition name.